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Why Steam Shrink Tunnel is Packaging Vendors's First Choice?

Shrink sleeves and bands need a 360-degree spread of heat for a uniform shrink which is why you shouldn’t use a blow dryer, microwave, or shrink wrap tunnel. Instead, you should use equipment made specifically for shrinking sleeves like a steam shrink tunnel, radiant heat tunnel, hot air tunnel, or hybrid tunnel (combines heat and steam). We recommend using a steam shrink tunnel because it uses less energy to run than other types of tunnels, produces better results, and is easier to configure.

Furthermore, steam shrink tunnels are becoming the label industry’s standard method of shrinking sleeves onto filled product containers because its relatively low temperatures (usually between 170-180 degrees) make it safe for filled products to pass through. That’s why in this section, we’re going to focus on steam shrink tunnels because it produces the best results. When looking for a steam shrink tunnel, make sure that it’s compatible with the container’s size and shape, the sleeve’s height and material type, and your production line (tunnels have different lengths so you should check to see if it will actually fit where you’ll be housing it).

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