Users are confused by tens of thousands of Air Convection Shrink Tunnels in the market. Some of them can be built in small size and offered a very low and attractive price. We offer a better choice of balance between affordable price and years of operation.
Often overlooked, the design of an Air Convection Shrink Tunnel often plays a large role in the quality and appearance of the packaged products. If an Air Convection Shrink Tunnel can not impart sufficient energy into the shrink film early enough to create the maximum ballooning effect and allow the bubble to collapse at just the right rate, the shrink film will not shrink to its maximum extent, imperfections will not be cleaned up and end result will be less than desirable.
On SHENG ZHOU™ hot air shrink tunnel machine, heater size, fan velocity, the volume of air, ability to precise hot air volume and direction control, conveyor belt type, chamber length, and all the critical factors in the choice of a good heat shrink tunnel can be found.
In addition to 5 standard models displayed on this page, we design and build a customized model in accordance with the user’s specific requirement on purchase budget, machine size, and production capacity. SHENG ZHOU™ heat tunnel shrink wrap machine has proven over the years of use to be capable of producing excellent results with most packages. From a small tea box to jumbo size wooden door panel, we can always provide the right machine to fit the user’s application.

Infrared Heat Tunnel Shrink

Infrared Shrink Tunnel Model SZ ST4020

Very affordable for small package, low capacity and short run application
hot air sealing machine

Air Convection Shrink Tunnel Model SZ BS100

High efficient and high quality bottle tamper evident and seal band shrink wrapping solution
small Shrink Wrap Machine

Air Convection Shrink Tunnel Model SZ ST4525

Affordable and robust model accommodate low to medium size products at moderate speed
shrink tunnel for plastic bottle

Air Convection Shrink Tunnel Model SZ ST5530

High Flexibility, reliable performance and affordable cost for most of shrink-wrap applications
Heavy-duty shrink wrap

Air Convection Shrink Tunnel Model SZ ST5545PE

Unique air cooling station provides secure protection with high gauge PE shrink film on heavy and big size products
custom air convection shrink tunnels

Build to Order Custom Model

Customized models to fit user's specific requirement and application