We are one of the leading suppliers in Southeast China providing SHENG ZHOU™ Automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machines manufactured by Tianjin Huachun Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (www.tj-hc.com), with unrivaled experience and expertise.
SHENG ZHOU™ Cellophane Overwrapping Machine are widely used to wrap small to medium size boxes or square shape products such as medicines, stationery (paper, pens, staples), food, biscuit, chocolate, tea, coffee, cosmetics, perfume, playing cards, cigarettes, and many others. An automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine is capable of wrapping 30 to 150 products per minute depending on size, with cellophane or BOPP film and tear tape. Tear tape applicators are available on all SHENG ZHOU™ Cellophane Overwrapping Machines as standard or optional functions.
SHENG ZHOU™ automatic cellophane wrapping machine offer high-speed product wrap output, without the requirement of a full-time operator. Infeed systems allow integration into the user’s existing production lines from diverting, collating, merging, re-orientating, stacking, and buffer storing. With additional change parts, fully automated Cellophane Overwrapping Machines has capabilities of wrapping different product sizes on the same one machine, consistently at high speed.
Only 2 series, SZ COTB and SZ COBM are introduced on this page. We believe these standard models fit 85% overwrapping applications. However, we do supply customized models to meet a user’s unique projects. Contact us with your specific requirement and we will revert a professional solution.

high speed cellophane overwrapping machine

Full-automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine Model SZ COTB series

Compact design, best choice for single pack application

Full-automatic Cellophane Overwrapping Machine Model SZ COBM series

Ideal for medium size pack and multiple pack application