"When manual labor is in short supply, too unreliable, too expensive, or too slow for your products to get to your customers, SHENG ZHOU™ Carton Sealing Machine, Carton Strapping Machine, Banknote Banding Machine & Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine are your answer. We are your one-stop-shop to automate and optimize your entire end-of-line packaging process. We only represent those well-reputed Chinese manufacturers and only distribute their top quality packaging machines which all focus on increasing packing capacity, reducing packaging waste, and decreasing our customer’s dependency upon expensive labor. All Packaging Machines labeled with SHENG ZHOU™ trade mark are created with simple design & easy to operate in mind, using interchangeable parts to reduce maintenance and lower repair costs, which make them perfect for low and moderate production capacity.
Cooperate with sister company, Xin Shenzhou Packaging Material Co., Ltd, we provide each customer with a complete solution of consumable packaging materials, in addition to packaging machines. With a full selection of commercial and sustainable packaging materials for each of our packaging machines, we take pride in being a full-service packaging partner. From PET Strap Belt to plastic Shrink Film, we are confident that you will find a perfect solution from our variety of material options. We also work diligently to ensure we have all packaging materials in stock whenever you need them. "

automatic carton sealing machine

Carton Sealing Machine Model SZ CS30

Tape sealing on carton top and bottom in one operation
Industrial Carton Sealing machine

Carton Sealing Machine Model SZ CS50 & SZ CS60

Carton top flaps folding, top & bottom sealing in one operation
small carton strapping machine

Carton Strapping Machine Model SZ CST100

Dependable design provides years of reliable service with low maintenance cost
carton box strap packing machine

Carton Strapping Machine Model SZ CST200

Designed and developed for most general purpose industrial strapping applications
automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine Model SZ SW3800S

Separate top, bottom & up-down wrap count selectors
banknote banding machine

Banknote Banding Machine Model SZ CST10

Quick, safe and efficient banding with paper and poly film
industrial label dispenser

Label Dispenser Model SZ LD10

Automatically remove and discard backing material from self-adhesive label

Carton Strapping Belt

High breaking strength, outstanding elongation and perfect tension retaining capabilities compared with steel strap belt
transparent PVC Shrink Film

Shrink Film

PVC/ Polyvinyl Chloride
POF/ Polyolefin
PE/ Polyethylene
BOPP/ Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene