SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnels are the first of its kind and have been available since 1998. Though they have been available for quite some time, we have continued to improve its design, and can honestly claim that we offer the best, most reliable Steam Shrink Tunnels on the market today. Over 5,500 Steam Shrink Tunnels have been manufactured in our Xiamen factory & supplied into more than 50 countries worldwide.
SHENG ZHOU™ high-performance steam shrink tunnel machine is designed to meet the most challenging shrink applications. They are recognized for their flexibility and capability of shrinking various decorative shrinkable sleeve label onto a wide range of container types, shapes, and sizes in cosmetic, beverage, bottled water, dairy, nutritional supplement & pharmaceutical industries.
SHENG ZHOU® Steam Shrink Tunnel series are available in 3 models to meet the user’s budget and capacity. In addition to the regular models, as a shrink machine manufacturer, we design and build a customized model in accordance with users’ specific requirements on purchase budget, machine size, production capacity, and container size & shape.
Easy to operate, low maintenance, perfect sleeve label conformity, industrial safety compliance, and versatile application make SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnels distinguish from similar machines in the market.
SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnels are currently being used in many of the world’s most notable manufacturing plants including several Fortune 500 companies in China, Russia, US, Canada, Mexico, Spain, UK, Australia, South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and many more.

stainless steel steam shrink tunnel

Steam Shrink Tunnel Model SZ SST100

Entry level model suitable for regular shape containers in uniform size application, e.g. bottle water, dairy and milk products.
sleeve label shrink tunnel machine

Steam Shrink Tunnel Model SZ SST200

Best sell model producing perfect shrink-wrap finish with decorative sleeve labels
Waterproof design Steam Tunnel

Steam Shrink Tunnel Model SZ SST300

Upgrade version of model SZ SST200 with extended conveyor and bigger chamber
Shrink Tunnel for plastic bottles

Steam Shrink Tunnel Model SZ SST380

Unique Air Drier, Extended Variable Speed Conveyor & Turn Table