"Thermal Transfer Coder, also known as Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), is a digital technology used to print high-resolution and variable-content codes on thin and flexible packaging such as films, pouches, and labels. Compared with conventional Hot Stamp Coder, Thermal Transfer Coder typically costs much less to operate and provides variable data printing capabilities that are necessary for today’s track and trace requirements. Such capabilities of the date batch coding machine are well-suited for applications in the snack food, bakery, confectionery, frozen & refrigerated foods, bagged fresh vegetables & dried fruits, beverage, meat, coffee, and pharmaceutical industries.
Thermal transfer technology combines a thermal printhead and a polyester ribbon coated with ink on one side. Heat transfers the ink from the ribbon onto the packaging film that is marked as it passes under the thermal printhead. The thermal printhead is made up of a row of independent tiny resistors mounted on a ceramic support. These resistors are then activated based on the characters to be printed, melting the ink on the ribbon, and transferring the selected characters to the packaging film.
We distribute a full range of genuine & brand new MARKEM-IMAJE™ Thermal Transfer Coder. With the SmartDate series range, we offer the most advantageous total cost of ownership on the market today. The SmartDate series range, coupled with its service packages, allows optimal and transparent management of marking operations across its lifecycle."

Industrial Coding Machine

Markem-Imaje® Thermal Transfer Coder Model 8018

Entry level model suitable for regular shape containers in uniform size application, e.g. bottle water, dairy and milk products.

Markem-Imaje® Thermal Transfer Coder Model SmartDate x40

Transparent and advanced coding solution

Markem-Imaje® Thermal Transfer Coder Model SmartDate x60

Consistent high quality printing of full nutritional labels, ingredient or multi-pack applications