Automatic Shrink Wrap Packaging Machine Model SZ SW860

Ideal for applications requiring products wrapping on length or height exceeds the capacity of an SZ SW640

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SZ SW860

Model SZ SW860 automatic touch screen shrink wrapper comes with a side sealing machine offering the ability to wrap elongated products. Products are inserted into the shrink film via a motorized conveyor. As products pass the cross sealing bar, the side sealing wheel simultaneously begins sealing. With optimal settings, over 35 packs per minute can be produced.

Longer products can be continuously sealed down the long side of the product as they move towards the shrink tunnel. Once the product has cleared the cross sealing bar, a seal is made to enclose the product within the shrink material fully.

The large automatic shrink wrapper with a touch screen makes adjustments quick and easy. With a touch, product heights and width adjustments can be made. With the option of 30 pre-set products, operators press the pre-set size to adjust the machine accordingly. Less downtime between product adjustments will ensure more production.


Up to 35 packages per minute

Fully automatic operation, no operator’s assistance required

Work on elongated products without length limit 

Ideal for over sized products, e.g. window, frame, door, flooring, lumber, knockdown furniture and shelving etc.  

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Sealing System

Pneumatically operated assembly ensures high-speed running and superior operator safety

Single bar sealing blade & continuous motion cutting unit produce enhanced faster sealing job

Sealing Area 

Protected by an electrically interlocked transparent hood for safe sealing process observation

Film Scrap Rewind System 

Trims away and removes excess film

Film Cradle

Fully adjustable, quick change to accept different sized rolls of film

Multiple Sensors

Controlled cross seal to provide automatic adjustment for bag lengths

Easy integration with production line

Closing conveyor available to transfer small size package

Accepts continuous product feed and finishes wrapping/ sealing/ shrinking process to save labor cost

Variable Speed Conveyor

Achieves best shrinkage time on various type of shrink film 

Perforator Device 

Relieves pressure and eliminates "pillowing effect” from heat shrinking process

Heavy duty build quality to provide years of consistent production 

Heavy gauge welded structural tube steel construction

Programmable Controller 

10 job memory reduces set up time by instant recall

Hot Air Convection System 

Reduces 30% power consumption and electricity expense

Digital-indicate Heating Controller 

Precise chamber temperature adjustment by 1℃


ModelSZ SW860
Accept Product LengthMax. 800mm (31.5")
Accept Product WidthMax. 650 mm (25.6")
Accept Product HeightMax. 250 mm (9.8")
Shrink Film CompatiblePVC, PE, POF Centerfolded
CapacityUp to 35 packs per minute, depend on product size
Electrical380 v, 50 hz, 3 ph
Power Consumption25 kw
Compressed Air6 bar
Dimension, L x W x H5,000 x 1,100 x 1,600 mm (197" x 43" x 63")


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