Steam Shrink Tunnel Model SZ SST380

Unique Air Drier, Extended Variable Speed Conveyor & Turn Table

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Steam Shrink Tunnel model SZ SST380 comes with Air Drier integration. By blowing compressed air onto containers coming out from steam heating process, this device is capable of reducing water drop on containers and make immediate carton loading possible.

Pre and post shrink station is available on this bottle label steam shrink tunnel. They are equipped to heat up the specific positions of sleeve labels, e.g. container bottom or neck, to prevent from movement due to sudden temperature change. Many users find the shrink sleeve tunnel machine very helpful on tall and glass containers.

Steam Shrink Tunnel model SZ SST380 is ideal for either stand alone or production line integration.

We offer customized models of the bottle label shrink machine in accordance with the user's specific demand. OEM and ODM orders are acceptable.


Air Direr to remove water drop

Turn Table to accumulate post-shrink bottles

Extra large shrink chamber

Pre and post shrink station

1.5 meter infeed conveyor & 2.0 meter discharge conveyor

Best choice for standalone operation without automatic Sleeve Applicator installed

Easily integrate into existing production line


High Flexibility

Accommodate containers or multipacks up to 200 mm (7.9") width and 320 mm (12.6") height

60 to 200 BPM shrinkage capability

Accept empty or filled container

Accept plastic, aluminium or glass container

Perfect shrink result on either regular shape or odd shape container

Steam Generator

Built-in, 32 kw

Low pressure design assures maximum work safety

No need to build separate boiler rooms to house external high pressure Steam Generator

No need to hire engineers to design and permit high pressure Steam Generator rooms

No need for costly overhead insulated steam pipe infrastructure

No need professional special licensed engineers for operation

Steam Distribution System

Tool-free adjustment

All Steam Pipes open/close respectively depend on needs

Easy Steam Pipe format reset for quick bottle changeover

Allow precise application of steam to specific points on container

Each Steam Pipe individually adjustable for steam volume, flow and rotary nozzle position

Extended Conveyor

Stainless steel variable speed mesh conveyor

1.5 meter infeed conveyor & 2.0 meter discharge conveyor 

Allows 2 to 4 operators to work along side

Ideal for stand-alone operation

Industrial Safety Standard Compliance

Short circuit protection

Waterproof design

Thermal shield

Emergency stop switch

Automatic shut down at low water level

International standard Industrial electricity adaptor

Easy to Operate

Low maintenance

Simple to understand

No special training required

Quick changeover from one container size to another


Stand-alone/ Built-in Steam Generator

Chamber opening in width & height

Chamber length

Conveyor length

Conveyor type

Water Filtration




ModelSZ SST380
Container DiameterUp to 200 mm (7.9")
Container HeightUp to 320 mm (12.6")
Shrinkage Capability60 to 200 BPM
Steam GeneratorBuilt-in, 32 kw
ElectricalOptional, 380 v, 50 hz, 3 ph or 220 v, 60 hz, 1 ph
Power Consumption36 kw
Water Consumption50 liters per hour
Dimension, L x W x H5,800 x 800 x 1,700 mm (228" x 31" x 67")



Q.    People sometimes use the terms "Shrink Tunnel" and "Steam Shrink Tunnel" interchangeably. What's the difference?

A.    Steam Shrink Tunnels are one of the 3 major types of Shrink Tunnels. The others are Hot Air Convection Tunnel and Radiant Infrared Tunnel.

Q.    What are some factors to consider in choosing one vs. the other?

A.    For tamper evident applications, a Hot Air Convection Tunnel produces exceptional results. When neckbands are very dark in color, Radiant Infrared Tunnel is the optimum choice. Steam Shrink Tunnel is the best option among the Shrink Tunnels for full body labels. 

Q.    Which is the better choice when graphics and registration are critical?

A.    Steam Shrink Tunnels are best for products where high quality, distortion-free graphics are most important. Because Steam Shrink Tunnels provide more uniform heat impingement than air systems. In addition, Steam Shrink Tunnels provide more precise label registration and shape conformance.  

Q.    What type of Shrink Tunnels are recommended for applications involving volatile products?

A.    Steam Shrink Tunnels are the best choice for containers that are under pressure, or when a low flash point or flammability is a factor.

Q.    Are aerosols compatible with Shrink Tunnels for packaging?

A.    Yes, Steam Shrink Tunnels are an excellent alternative for aerosol containers and other packaging programs where low flash point or flammability is a factor. 

Q.    What sleeve labels can be used for processing in shrink tunnels?

A.    There are several main types, and new varieties of each type being developed all the time. PVC is the most common and least costly. It’s also easiest to control during the shrink. PETG has the highest shrink percentage. They are recyclable and very versatile, and can be ordered with special attributes such as a matte finish or velvety texture. OPS has the lowest vertical shrink and produces the most consistent results, particularly on squeeze bottles. PLA is a plant-based alternative to petroleum-based shrink films. They are strong and dimensionally stable, and their high water transmission rate prevents moisture from being trapped between the container and the sleeve label when containers are steam shrinked. 

Q.    What is the value of adding a pre or post-shrink module to shrink tunnels?

A.    These modules finish off critical areas at the base or top of the sleeve in the most energy-efficient manner. They are self-contained industrial heat guns, sometimes used in pairs, and often with nozzles to focus the heat. Power usually comes through the application equipment. Hot Air or steam flow is paused while the machine waits for product, and only turned on when product is present. 

Q.    How can we reduce the risks involved with changing from printed self-adhesive labels to full-body sleeves cured in Shrink Tunnels?

A.    It's critical to understand every factor that can impact your end result. Our technicians work with you to fully understand your package concept and identify the best possible materials and Shrink Tunnels configuration to achieve best-possible results.

        Send your containers and sleeve labels to test our Shrink Tunnel, before placing your order. We will provide video & photos for so that you see the way our Shrink Tunnel works on your samples and how good the shrink results on your samples are.

        Contact us before sending your test samples.


SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnel is the first of its kind, and has been available since 1998. Though it has been available for quite some time, we have continued to improve its design, and can honestly claim that we offer the best, most reliable Steam Shrink Tunnel on the market today. 

The SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnel is currently being used in many of the world’s most notable manufacturing plants including several Fortune 500 companies. 

SHENG ZHOU™ high-performance Steam Shrink Tunnels are designed to meet the most challenging shrink applications. They are recognized in the industry for their flexibility and their capability of shrinking various decorative shrinkable sleeve label onto a wide range of container types, shapes and sizes. 

This flexibility makes SHENG ZHOU™ Steam Shrink Tunnel one of the best values in the industry. With ShenZhou Packing Machine Co., Ltd., we can always recommend or specify the Steam Shrink Tunnel type best suited to your needs, your constraints and your budget.


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