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Radiant Shrink Tunnel

Radiant Shrink Tunnel

Radiant convection tunnels- Often misnamed simply "convection" tunnels, Shen Zhou prefers to call this type of tunnel "radiant" convection as opposed to the more common "forced air" convection. Since "convection" simply refers to the transfer of heat from a source to another object through a medium (air) both types of tunnels are actually convection tunnels.


Forced air convection tunnels depend on moving large volumes of high velocity air to impart sufficient shrink energy to the film. Shen Zhou's Insight line of radiant convection tunnels use larger, slower rotating fans to move air within the chamber at very low velocities. This produces a more "gentle shrink which may result in superior package appearance for certain types of products especially very thin or lightweight items which could be lifted inside the tunnel by high velocity air movement.


Insight tunnels have top and bottom fans located in zones with individual speed controls for the absolute maximum in shrink control. To aid in control of the shrink process, Insight tunnels also have variable speed conveyors, full-length viewing windows, and interior lighting so that operators can see exactly what is happening and make instant adjustments to obtain the optimal package appearance.


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