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Reduce Operating Costs with Shenzhou's Efficient Shrink Tunnels

Shenzhou's shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform film shrink using heavy-duty, variable speed blowers and heating elements. This combination creates a recirculating air system that forces air to all package surfaces. Our shrink tunnels are capable of speeds up to 140 feet/min, and offer a wide temperature range. The systems handle sizes from small to extra wide, long or tall. Independent control systems regulate temperature, air velocity and conveyor speeds. The efficient heating system on each machine reduces the amount of electricity they need to run, thus reducing the cost of operation.


Shrink Tunnels in Many Configurations

Our shrink tunnels are available with many options to accommodate a range of applications and films. System options include mesh or solid belts, variety of chamber sizes, multiple zones, casters and much more. Our innovative Vision series features convection heating with a viewing window, allowing for quality control as the product is being shrunk.


Shenzhou has standard models in stock for quick shipment, yet specializes in the design and development of custom machinery. We will apply our industry expertise, which includes 30,000 installations, to create shrink tunnel solutions tailored to your exact needs.


Typical Applications for our Shrink Tunnels

Shenzhou's shrink tunnels can process virtually anything wrapped in shrink film. Our shrink wrap tunnels are widely used in the food, beverage, personal care and household care industries. They are typically applied to bottles, jars, cans, cartons and much more.

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